Sunday, June 17, 2007

#104 on the passage of time

current music - misplaced childhood by marillion
current mood - mind boggled

25 years ago i recall being in scotland in the company of my family watching events unfold in the Falkland Islands. I was 14 years of age then and a little more politically naive. i thought it was great that the Argentinians were getting a damned good thrashing at the hands of our boys.

anyway, that's not the point.

25 years is a long time but in truth it only feels like yesterday. and when i try to equate it with experiences outside of my time frame it gets even more freaky. it's the same time gap between the end of WWII and 1960. and yet those events seem like a lifetime apart.

it's all part of getting old, i suppose. but as bono sang and i agree...

"i'm not afraid to live, i'm not afraid to die."

i hope those veterans (as well as the soldiers on active duty at the moment) feel the same.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

#103 on web 2.0 by accident

current music - in the waiting line by zero 7
current mood - expectant

i always thought i was too old for all this technical stuff but with the exception of text messages, i seem to be getting into the web 2.0 scene albeit by accident.

i suppose the first step was thanks to steve i happily listen to all sorts of stuff i never dreamed of listening to.

now there's this blog for one. it's true i've not been too hot on it lately but thanks to steve and liz primarily i am now happy to inflict my mediocrity upon the world. what's more i've set up a private blog for my family to post thoughts and news on.

then there was flickr. well i got this rather fab camera off a mate and started snapping and all of a sudden i needed to inflict all the images on the world.

and then there was facebook. now that's down to danny. no sooner had i agreed to be on his page than i'd accidently agreed to set up my own and invite all and sundry to it.

and d'you know what? it's good. i'm reckoning this stuff could actually be a great way of maintaining friendships. so watch out for this high priest of suburban mediocrity. i'm out there.