Saturday, February 21, 2009

#124 on feeling like george w bush

I don't recall the details precisely but in a nutshell big george stood on the deck of an aircraft carrier soon after the invasion of Iraq and proudly announced the war was over.

I heard he regretted it in a leaving the presidency interview. the comment not the war but that's another story.

Anyway assuming for a moment that it was his idea to say it and that he really meant it I kinda know how he feels.

Anyone who knows me well will know something of my own personal war I've been fighting over the past few months - not in the middle east, no closer to home in my own head. And I'm feeling that I might just have won...

...but a nagging doubt keeps me wondering if I, like George, am being a little premature.

Probably, but then again, by telling all you lovely hob blogglings I might have fought and won one more battle in my own personal war.

those of you who have held me up these past few months - family, old job, new job, church, the greenbelt set et al - I could not have done it without you. But most of all my heart goes out A. nuff sed.