Friday, July 21, 2006

#83 on the light at the end of the tunnel

current mood: stressed (so much to do so little time to do it in)
current music: none

Firstly may I welcome my new bloglings aboard the good ship mediocrity. At school today I dropped my blog title to the pupils so that they could keep in touch as both they and I head for pastures new. Some have already posted and others may choose to do so yet.

What a week. No time for details suffice it to say that the heady cocktail of meetings, parties, graduations, deadlines and heat that saps one of both mental and physical energy has left me an empty shell. A has just got in from work and I can barely cope with being in the same room with her. It's not her - I love A and cannot wait for her to get home each night. It's me and my inability to cope with just about anything at the moment - that's the problem.

But, as the title of tonight's download suggests, there could be some light peeping through at the end of the tunnel. School is done. Isle of Wight beckons. Greenbelt deadlines just about stuck to.

Now i just need to go and make my peace with A.


Steve said...

sounds like what you both need is a night out at the Recycle Collective next Wednesday... :o)

see you soon. x

sally said...

Chill. Enjoy the summer. Look forward to seeing you at Cheltenham xxx

Anonymous said...

Relax, Enjoy, and don't worry.