Sunday, January 07, 2007

#95 on hyping a song to number 1

Current mood – a strange feeling of preparedness for work that I have not felt for some time
Current music – ‘Cloudbursting’ by Kate Bush

Two bits of news crossed my path this week. Firstly that young Mr Lawson now has his damn fine CDs for sale at itunes. And secondly that the pop charts are to be calculated on electronic sales as well as (or is it instead of) physical over the counter sales.

So let’s all get on down to itunes and download those little puppies to hype him all the way to number 1. I'm sure it's what he's always dreamed of.

Not ‘arf.


Steve said...


My name is Steve Lawson, and I endorse this message


love you lots!


Dave said...

Funny, I thought Steve had hacked in to write this in the first place