Friday, July 13, 2007

#107 on timetables

current music - billericay dickie by ian dury and the blockheads
current mood - amused (you'll never hear any better double entendres)

do you remember filling in your timetable at school and, if you are a girl, colouring it in? do you remember working out where the hell you were meant to be going, who the hell you were meant to be taught by and, if you ever got there, what the hell you were supposed to learn?

takes you back huh?

well i've spent nearly all day sorting out a whole school's timetables in preparation for the new term in september when all the kids will come back to school wondering what the hell...

now call me a sad arse (and many do) but i've had a great day filling in the boxes, working out how to avoid clashes and generally, well generally doing timetables.

it's been a while since i had a really good day. and today was a really good day.

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sally said...

Sadly, it sounds like fun to me you like answering questionnaires too? I lvoe them....