Wednesday, August 01, 2007

#111 on my hobby

current music - live in buffulo (2004) by goo goo dolls
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so my hobby of photography continues to go from strength to strength. having moved on from holding the camera the right way round to taking off the lens cap, i can now truthfully and proudly claim that i have read the manual, all 223 pages of it. obviously i have absolutely no bleedin' idea what any of it means but i'm working on that.

seriously though, i have just begun to take the camera off of the fully automatic mode - this is the run home to mummy mode, it sets up everything for you - i just need to point and shoot. now that's served me well so far. i was very pleased with my australia photos given that i'd only just got the camera but now the time has come to experiment a bit. so today i sped up the film and the exposure and then got n to leap off his trampoline and risk life and limb; a sacrifice worth making for his father's hobby, i think.

then i used gimp (no photoshop for this linux using suburban mediocrite) to isolate the image from the background and ... hey presto!

i've decided i've got enough half photos to slam a favourites collection on to flickr. as soon as i do i'll let you all know my dear hob-blogglings.

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