Monday, October 29, 2007

#114 on white balance

current mood - tired
current music - 'out of the blue' by electric light orchestra

just got home from night school where i've been learning how to be a photographer. as opposed to learning how to use a digital camera. a subtle differentiation perhaps but i now have an appreciation for all the variables that affect the pictures that a camera takes; how to combine those variables and how to control those variables for the effect that i want to achieve.

tonight was white balance. in the workshop we fooled the camera into thinking that the light in the room was everything from direct sunlight to fluorescent lights (which ironically enough was exactly what the light in the room was). and the difference in colours recorded was stunning. so now i know why indoor images without a flash are so often yellow and orange tinted.

all in all it leads me to take better photos each time i whip the old D1x out of my bag, so to speak.

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