Wednesday, August 09, 2006

#86 on getting ready for greenbelt

Current mood - excited
Current music - 'Praise You' by Fat Boy Slim

Many of prepare for Greenbelt in different ways. Of that I am sure. Back in the Castle Ashby days I remember one mate decided to join us at the last minute and turned up in his cortina estate with a box of apples and no tent. He slept in the back of his car and swapped apples for bread etc. We have a fantastic photo of him standing in front of car one morning bedecked in his stripy dressing gown. He's a Salvation Army Officer now. Oh well.

As for me I am in the beautiful place between getting all my emails sent and replied to (well mostly) and actually pitching up at that beautiful thin place where you can stand on the ground and touch heaven.

So, having borrowed my sister's tent and pitched it in the garden to check that it is all there, me and the boys decided to eat our tea and then go to bed in the back garden.

It's a father to son thing.

So I am currently typing by torchlight (no backlit keyboard for me you smug macbook users) listening to ipod - one year they played 'praise you' incessantly between acts on the mainstage and it's sort of stuck with me now as my greenbelt song.

And now I am officially excited.


Steve said...

you don't need a backlit keyboard, you just need to learn to touch-type. :o)

Steve xxxx

Anonymous said...

Does a Christian really write like this or use language like this? Is a teacher a good role model for his students by encouraging these children to read this. We are very disappointed.