Friday, August 18, 2006

#89 on a fiendish and addictive game

current music - none (been listening to Big Brother in the other room)
current mood - frustrated (read on...)

So i get to the end of a successful day. Met an old friend and all our kids played together well. Wrote a whole bunch of Greenbelt emails that should hopefully wrap things up. (Like that's going to happen). The current toal of emails in my Greenbelt box is 879, more than last year. Phew.

So anyway, i've finished my emails. I've seen Pete win Big Brother. (I feel quite good about that and I'm looking to see how the mass media try to put a handle on him.) And now i sit down do play my current time waster - Hapland! Now let's be clear - this game is a bastard and what makes it worse is I know there are walkthrough guides available that will show me how to rescue those little stick men.

So why not click the link and give it a go. I guarantee that once started you will not be able to leave it alone.


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