Wednesday, April 09, 2008

#116 on not being a geek

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i don't have a beard. i don't have a degree in computer science. i know what it is to hold a woman. i own no cardigans. i have no imaginary friends.

but i do run linux on my computer and am proud of it. not just because it's better than windoze. not just because it's free. not just because it simply works in the way i want it to work (and let's face who of us needs to stray far beyond the word processing, web browsing, picture processing jukebox that we want our computers to be)

and as for apple... i tell you in years to come our grand children won't say to us 'grandpa, how come that microsoft were able to make us think that a computer would only work if we used their software and that it was so expensive and that it was basically crap although it tried its best to look good.' instead they'll say, 'grandpa, how did apple ever manage to convince you that they were the ethical alternative to microsoft.'

don't get me wrong, apple make fine products but by heck you have to pay for it. and if you don't like a program, itunes for example, well tough shit basically. the code is closed - as closed as the microsoft code. they make you do it their way or no way.

think open source.

take a look at linux.

you'll never look back.

find out what ubuntu means my dear hob bloglings and it'll all make sense. trust me.

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