Thursday, April 10, 2008

#117 on confusion

current mood - tired (still)
current music - real world by matchbox twenty

i'm confused about my phone contract.

my current deal is with talktalk. they've got me for a 18 month contract but i'm relatively pleased with the terms - calls and surf time and who cares. that's not the problem.

the problem is with bt. they regularly write to me and ask me politely to go back to them. eventually, with the aim of either negotiating a better deal and/or stopping the junk mail i rang them and asked them to buy me out of my talktalk contract. which they wouldn't. nor would they agree to stop sending junk mail. until i got cross.

then the phone started playing up. cutting off in the midst of conversations. so did the internet. so i rang talktalk and reported it and after being patronised about have i tried this and being threatened with a £150 bill if it's my fault, i got a fault report code and a promise of an engineer.

but that's not the reason why i'm confused.

today the engineer arrived. a bt engineer. who fixed the problem. perhaps i should have asked why a bt engineer should be fixing a phone line i pay talktalk but, on reflection, i'm glad i didn't.

the answer would have been more confusing than the ignorance. i've only got so much ram, you know what i mean. or as rob thomas was just singing, "I wish the real world, would just stop hassling me".

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