Thursday, March 02, 2006

Two Hats

Current Mood:  brain-dead – not stopped working since 7:30 this morning
Current Music:  ‘Use Me (live)’ - Bill Withers

Went to see N in his debut role, Mr Gumpy in the Reception Players hilarious production of Mr Gumpy’s Outing.  I was so proud.  A was so proud.  N did so well.  But with his mother’s performer’s blood and my exhibitionist blood coursing through his veins it’s hardly surprising.

I also found myself mentally ticking boxes about his speaking and listening skills.

That’s what comes from wearing my teacher hat and parent hat at the same time I suppose.

‘Dead Air’ has been started and I’m quite enjoying it so far.  It’s quite an easy going first person narrative tale.  The cover and blurb made me feel that it would be more aloof but not so at all.

In fact I am now going to go to bed and read some more.

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