Saturday, April 21, 2007

#102 on another thin place

current music - muzak in singapore airport
current mood - tired and awake at the same time

with a few minutes spare while they check the airplane's oil and air pressure and fill up the tank, i assume, i thought i'd let you know of my whereabouts over the last couple of days...

b and i travelled up to a place in the high country of victoria, as its known, to howqua; specifically to the cabin owned by jack and judy (although only jack was there for our visit.) time and indeed emotion permits me only to say that it's a good place for one to immerse oneself into the artistry that god paints vividly at every turn. i took a gazillion photos, the best of which i'll post on flickr shortly.

if, my dear hob blogglings, you've never been to howqua, put it on your list of places to visit before you die - or you'll regret it.

similarly - it would only be fair if any of you could oblige me with places that i ought to visit before i die (it would be rude not to, wouldn't it.)

by the way, don't suggest singapore airport - (a) i've been there and (b) it's about as boring as airports can be.

see some of you soon and others sooner. i'll be home by lunchtime.

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Danny said...

Hey man

Been enjoying reading your most recent posts.

Hope you got back from Oz safe and you and your family are well.