Friday, April 06, 2007

#98 on where I've been

Well primarily for Liz but for anyone who needs to know I've not really been anywhere of late but the tip toe through the mediocrity of suburbian life has not been without its little upsets lately.

Oh nothing major, that's the point I suppose, nothing major ever really happens to this mediocre suburban, but enough for me to need a break from blogging and concentrate on other more stressful streams of life.

Sadly, I can't share all my news for some of it is confidential, the details anyway, but let's just say, dear hob blogglings, that one of the major issues in my life has a sort of resoultion to it. Part one of the resolution came on the last day of the Spring Term and the other will come to pass at the end of the Summer Term. Beyond that I can say no more or I'll stand accused again (although without the right of reply) of character assassination. Oh fuck it, I think I'll get plastered and tell all, God knows they've been indiscrete.

Also my current work situation has taken much of what meagre space my head affords for coping with life. The pressure is on, I'm working hard and still I find myself disappointing those around me I least want to hurt but that situation too, has a sense of completion and closure to it. Again, details cannot be shared but I'm feeling hopeful and optimistic about the future.

And why start blogging again now...

Well as you've probably picked up from my last couple of posts, I'm in Australia visiting the reason why I started blogging in the first place. My brother is in good form considering all that he has been through of late. Here he is looking gorgeous I'm sure you'll agree.

So life seems to be a little less stressful than of late. May long it continue.

More from Oz Tour 07 to come.


1 i z said...

Sorry to hear it's stress that's kept you away. Without knowing (or needing to know) the details, I'll just offer up a general Grrrrr at those that have been the cause.

Btw "hob blogglings" - fabulous, why has no one come up with that one before? Can so hear it in your voice too!

sally said...

Yes, it has been worth constantly checking your blog to find you here again!!! Well, down under but here too..and hob blogglings??? Priceless! I want to be a hob bloggling too!! Have a good time...thinking of you and your stress..have a sally hug xxx