Wednesday, April 04, 2007

#97 on long distance travel

Just read last night's twaddle again. I was actually falling asleep whilst typing. To be honest I'm surprised it made as much sense as it did!

anyway here's a few more of my thoughts about travelling from London to Melbourne.

I clearly remeber the strange feeling of detachment as I left Harrow bound for Heathrow airport. Do you remember 'The Truman Show'. I felt the same - like it wasn't really real. I felt like everyone was just putting a show on for me and that I was being manouvreed and manipulated away from the house to the airport. Do you remember that scene in 'The Matrix' when Neo goes back into the Matrix for the first time following his rescue? How he marvels at restaurants were he had once eaten coming to terms that it wasn't actually real? That's how it felt.

Probably just a bit nervous. But that's how it felt.

I also remember being very polite towards the stewardesses on the flight, eating all the food put in front of me - even though I don't like melon - and leaving my seat all neat and tidy - I even folded the blanket. And then departing the plane and seeing the mess that everyone else left behind. I sort of felt a sense of moral pride and then just felt a bit foolish.

I remember looking out of the window somewhere above the Indian Ocean seeing the most georgeous of sunsets.

I remember sitting next to another assistant headteacher for 13 hours. What are the chances of that? But we agreed to stop talking about work after about 10 minutes. You'll never know how difficult that was!

But beyond that I really can't remember much else about the flight. Long haul is unbelievably boring. You are too bored to watch the telly (although I must say I did enjoy Casino Royale), too full to eat (although you do anyway), to stiff to move and too British to ask the person next to you to let you out to pee while they are watching Casino Royale.

But I'm here now. Still feeling a little stiff (or maybe that's just my age.) Had a practical day today, buying a few bits and bobs and getting an old bike to work so that I can get around the place.

Tomorrow I'll post a few photos taken with the super camera lent to me by my good pal G with a view to me buying it upon my return.

So 'til then I'll bid you good night in whatever time zone you find yourself.

Good night.

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