Saturday, February 11, 2006

9 sleeps 'til school again!

How does one get to half term.  Stagger, crawl, limp.  Choose your cliché but I am absolutely knackered.  Still I’ve got a chance now to catch up on all those jobs I’ve been putting off at home and also (spot the donkey) catch up on all those jobs I’ve been putting off at work.

Who else in their right mind goes into work when they are on holiday?

I reckon they should double teacher’s salary to a rate more commensurate with a profession such as mine and direct us to work a 37 week year, 45 hour week.  That way we’d all earn more, work less and not burn out.

But then again, any politician with an education would think that’s a silly idea.  That’s the problem with political jokes – all too often they get elected.

On a different note, I’ve been asked to preach tomorrow.  Wish me luck, have a good thought or say a prayer depending once again on your preferred cliché.

‘Til then, my lovely readers, I will bid you good night with the promise of a post mortem on the sermon tomorrow and an update on how sad I am to work in my holidays.

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