Monday, February 13, 2006

TFI Half Term

The sermon went well in my humble opinion.  My cold mixed with my nerves mixed with desire to come up with a more serious tone of voice meant that the whole thing was delivered quite deadpan but I’m happier with that that than if I’d clowned around with it.  I’ve seen too many wannabe stand up comedians try to string a theological argument whilst cracking bad jokes about communion wine and organists with bad breath.

It was good to get a call from my former minister, now retired.  He had heard on the grapevine of my efforts and rang to congratulate me.  He is largely responsible for my knowledge of the Bible such was his mentoring through my teenage years and early years of my 20’s.  

And tonight was a church leadership group meeting so it’s all very holy for me at the moment.  I won’t lie to you; there’s been times lately when I could have quite easily thrown in the church towel but I’m in quite a good place with it all at the moment.  I could list the numerous faults with hillside Community Church but what’s the point, we know we are on a journey and we are trying to pick out a way of getting there.

Half term continues with a chance to clear up the classroom, call an electrician and take N to see ‘Chicken Little’.  Basically crap.  A bit of a Chinese meal of a movie; alright at the time but ready for another half an hour later.

Tomorrow brings sorting the bathroom – seals around edge of bath given up leading to brown stains on hall ceiling (and my trousers) – possibly an insurance claim, greenbelt emails to write and a few other phone calls and bits and bobs.

Pretty bushed now so I’ll catch up with you al tomorrow.

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