Sunday, February 19, 2006

mercy dash

I did not get to blog last night for as I was about to sit down to begin the phone rang.  The hour was 11.  It was A.  Euston was at a standstill.  She was stuck.

Unfortunately B had gone out for the evening so I had to pack the boys up in dressing gowns and duvets and head for London Town to rescue her.  It reminded me of the early days of our marriage where I often travelled up to the Opera House to pick Andrea up, days before we could afford a second car.  But for the boys it was a great adventure.  

Spent today at church and at home playing shops and other games with the boys.  Continued to soup up A’s new laptop with Norton anti-virus and other bits and bobs whilst trying to plan for school tomorrow.  I need a distraction from the thoughts of back to work so I shall sign off without further ado and indulge myself in a display of rippling biceps in a marvellous story by Philip K Dick.

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