Monday, February 20, 2006


Phoned my big brother tonight for a chat.  You may recall from one of my first postings that my main reason for doing this exercise in introspection was to allow my middle brother into my head.  He’s been on wrong end of a very fuzzy lollipop but sounded pretty chipper tonight, though with the delay on the phone line to Melbourne it’s not always easy to have too deep or long conversation.  So to keep my half of a deal to stay in touch I decided to write this blog.

Communication does not come easily to my family.  We were brought up to keep the peace by shutting the fuck up – a strategy that was largely a monumental failure but this daily download of thoughts and experiences is helping me to tell him about my life and soul.

So if you’re reading this one, B, this smile is for you.

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bidnizz said...

Sure hope B is looking at this too. Also, I hope you don't mind a stranger putting in his 2 cents worth of opinion, but here it is in any case:

I too was raised in a family that did not communicate very well. In fact the 'shut the f* up approach ' is not new to me at all, nor is the 'round robin' method a stranger either. Rather than A speaking to B about something, A will speak to C in either the hope, or sometimes certain knowledge that C will share with B. Sometimes, D got involved, and often all hell followed.

I married M, who came from a family that communicated the same way. We determined from the outset that M would speak directly to partner M, even if M thought it would be difficult.

This has proved to be the best I've known in this life, and for the last 29 years, the M & M's have been happily communicating with little or no fear or trepidation. The words melt in the mouth without leaving a chocolate mess all around, even though they are mostly not candy coated.