Sunday, February 05, 2006

Staying up late with PDA

So I agree to sort out my Dad’s PDA.  (By the way it’s my father in law we’re talking about here.)  Well there’s a certain responsibility on my part since it was my idea for him to give it to him for a retirement present.

He has a laptop, a PDA and an enormous collection of wine, CD’s and books all of which he wants to catalogue.

So the plan is hatched – I add office, the synchronisation software and docs to go (a MS office application reader) to the laptop.  I then write a few excel spreadsheets for him to add his catalogue.  (I’m not even going there to answer why I didn’t use Access).  


Like fuck.

Firstly father does not hand over CD of synchronisation software or apps.  Not a problem methinks for the Sony website is bound to make it available to download.

Problem number 1.  They don’t.  Bugger

Thus begins trawl of internet for software.

Problem number 2.  The clié runs palm OS (yuk).  The palm website does not support the clié.  Bugger.

Further trawls of internet for other software.

Problem number 3.  Version of said palm OS is v4.  Most software available is for version 5.  Bugger.  

Finally get software (all trial version only so another bridge to cross in 30 days) to attempt installation.

Problem number 4.  PDA runs Win98 and doesn’t want to know anything about software until we have a serious man to machine chat about drivers.  Bugger.

So back to Sony website here I am amazed (actually not amazed at all) to find…

Problem number 5.  No fucking drivers.  Bugger.

By this time it was 1:30 and I really needed some sleep.  I would have carried on but Andrea rang me from her mobile in bed to say get to bed you loser.  So no blog last night and not a lot of sleep either.

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