Sunday, January 15, 2006

Auntie Migraine

Led the service today at church and really enjoyed it. Liturgy from Wild Goose, poetry by Steve Stockman (see earlier post) and final music by Fat Boy Slim made for a good hour spent in worship.

Sadly could not indulge in tea and biscuits after the service due to diet. Bugger. But was soon home to eat remaining carrot soup and salad before it all went horribly Pete Tong.

My left eye decided that it no longer wanted to focus on the sport section of the Observer. It’s a weird feeling but the out of focus area around the point where one actually is seeing in focus grows dramatically until it’s difficult to see at all. Then my left hemisphere decided to imagine that it was being squeezed in a iron maiden. At this point I realised I was being paid a visit by auntie migraine who comes to see me once every few years.

So it was off to bed to sleep it off. Now some people are affected for hours and hours, sometimes days. I did have a stinker once way back in my teens that knocked me out for a few days but in truth I don’t suffer that badly. After a couple of hours kip I was left feeling as though my brains and eye balls were extremely swollen and any movement would make them explode in pain. It’s a difficult to describe and it’s a bugger to suffer.

Anyway I wandered downstairs, turning off lights as I went and Andy, bless her, dug me out some soluble paracetamol which, within the hour, had knocked the sharp pain off and jest left me nursing the dull throb.

The rest of the day was spent playing with the boys without moving or looking or thinking, reading a book with N – I wish I could have a magic key adventure and then getting Sharpreader to work (thanks for the tip Harv).

It’s funny though that although I feel ok – just a bit dull in the head, this post as I read it, is littered with grammatical and spelling mistakes – and not just because I’m a crap typist. No, auntie migraine comes only now and again but she does make her presence felt.

Tomorrow should be fun.

As for the diet, and by the way, do you think there’s a relationship between this detox diet and the onset of a migraine?, it’s going ok. Soup and veg today so no problem. Tomorrow even easier – soup and fruit and veg. bowels wide open.


Steve said...

relationship between migraine and diet? Almost certainly - your body will be craving all the stuff you were eating before, especially sugar. Any kind of detox diet will result in your body getting uppity - it's just a form of withdrawal...

keep it up, lovely boy!

see you soon,

Steve (in sunny california!)

Anonymous said...

Well you know that soon as you even mention the word diet, the first things that come to mind...for me anyway...are chocolate cake, gingerbread latte and Pizza (Only the very fattening type from Pizza Hut, none of that paper thin, healthy stuff from the Italian places!. Dieting is a no no...isn't that what you always tell me?!! The words diet, scales and no chocolate-for a very long time, that give dieters a migraine! Good luck though with your carrot soup! Sounds lovely!

S ;-)