Friday, January 06, 2006

Hay Yam Yam

So I get us a broadband connection. Now Andy doesn’t want wires trailing across the house from the phone socket and I fancy getting into this wireless thing so we have proudly signed up with NOW who have supplied us with a wireless modem that goes up the arse of my PC via a Ethernet cable and a 1 Gig connection (though we are only paying for a 512k account – but please don’t tell). The signal is a bit dodgy and we might not keep it but for now it’s still a bit of a novelty.

So how does one play silly buggers with a brand new internet connection when one really only needs to read emails and write blog. Well one simply kicks of Shoutcast on WinAmp and heads straight for Turkish World Radio (details below) so I’ll sign off now whilst listening to…

Most recent music - …Erkin Koray - Hay Yam Yam (# Turk Radyo Dunyasi # Turkish World Radio # SMS: +90 544 644 6226 # #)

PS Does anyone know what Hay Yam Yam means?

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