Friday, January 06, 2006

To blog or not to blog...

I think only appropriate at this juncture to let you in on my reasons for this narcissistic exercise of self-deprecation and navel-gazing.

Firstly I’d like to thank (or should I say blame) Steve and Liz, two of the most charming and intelligent people you could ever wish to meet for cajoling me into this venture. Once I’ve worked out how to invite people to read this verbal diarrhoea I’ll add some links to their blogs.

My second reason for blogging my internal musings is to let my brother get inside my head a bit more.

And my third reason is to pay back all those friends who send us beautifully prepared desktop published A4 sheets reporting in 256 colours how wonderful their lives are and how well they and their children are doing and, ergo, how shit my little life is. Unfortunately you’ll get nothing as salacious from me though you will probably end up concluding that my life is actually rather little.

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