Thursday, January 26, 2006

Galloway Comes Out

Now that would be a headline!

I’m not hugely impressed by the man if truth be told. His anti-war rants have been entertaining enough though others have ranted better. His speech before the US Senate was truly brilliant but that was more yank bashing than Saddam supporting.

But his decision to go into the BB house and his performance were truly narcisstic. And to think that he could influence what C4 were going to edit is just a joke – he is a man blinded by his own light.

But he is the type of politician that we have grown to idolise over recent years – a maverick fighting for a just cause, unashamed to speak his mind and willing to take on all who disagree right to the very top. One thinks of Tony Banks, Tony Benn, Martin Bell and the heady days of the SDP.

Still you know what they say – the only problem with political jokes is that all to often they end up getting elected!

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