Friday, January 06, 2006

What does the future hold?

I’m not going to tell you my new year resolutions. I wouldn’t be so foolish to tell you – if I did you could all remind me of my failings as I systematically break them one by one – suffice it to say that keeping this blog on the go is the one I intend to keep.

Now here’s a thought from a super sermon I heard today. The magi based their mission to seek the new born king of the Jews upon a mixture of astronomy and astrology and, shifting from their own religion and culture to something entirely foreign, they came upon Jesus and bowed down and worshipped him. Wouldn’t it be cool if the horoscopes in this week’s daily papers said ‘do something rebellious this week – become a Christian.’ And wouldn’t it be cool to see the look on the faces of some of the pompous, bigoted, self satisfied Christians when they find out that the new fella in church this week came because his horoscope told him!

Personally, I’ve never been one for horoscopes. It’s not some great doctrinal thing – I simply find the whole notion crap. My tai chi teacher tells me so much about myself based on me being born in the year of the sheep but I seem to identify with the other people who are born in the year of the rat, ox and dragon etc.

And anyway, who wants to know the future? As Einstein said, ‘I never think of the future - it comes soon enough.’

Happy New Year.

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