Friday, January 06, 2006


Today I met Dr ABC or to be more precise the initials drabc – it’s just easier for me to remember them if I refer to them thus. For today (back to work after the Christmas holiday) we all renewed our first aid certificates.

So, for those unaware or unsure of first aid procedures, read on:

D – when you come across a casualty, check for associated dangers.
R – attract the attention of the casualty and check for their response if any.
A – if there is no response check, open and maintain their airway.
B – check for signs of breathing. If yes, then place in recovery position.
C – If there is no blood circulation, administer CPR.

We also learned about choking, cuts and shock but I haven’t made up any initials for these.

We didn’t learn about concussion which, ironically enough, is the main injury we see sustained at school but we live in hope that a child or colleague will collapse and need one of us to grope and kiss them in the petty name of saving their life!

Come to think of it, it’s not so much a case of could I resuscitate them, it’s more a case of would I want to.

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