Saturday, January 14, 2006

Diet day 1 - holding firm (unlike my bowels)

The diet has begun and I’m doing ok.  Well let’s face it, if wasn’t doing ok I’d be in trouble.

I’ve eaten loads of fruit, had two bowls of carrot and coriander soup (see earlier post for recipe) flavoured with balsamic vinegar rather than yoghurt and two bottles of water.  

I jumped on my friends scales earlier and got the bad news:  according to their digital scales I’m 107kg as opposed to the 104kg that my scales say.  Personally I think it’s the scales getting their own back after years of abuse.

So I’m off to squeeze some juice out of some grapefruits and have another bowl of soup.

On a separate note I’ve spent some of my free time today looking for a RSS reader into which I can put a few blogs and a few news feeds.  Harv put me on to sharpreader – doesn’t bloody work.  And what’s even more ironic is I bet Harv is reading this post through his working copy.  I tried attensa and intravnews through outlook and succeeded only in buggering up outlook, though that in itself is no great loss.  Next up was pluck into which I cannot get my blog to fit let alone anyone else’s and newsview which only does news and newsplorer which I couldn’t get to work at all.

So if anyone knows a product that will show me the BBC headlines and Brentford page, the Guardian headlines and a bunch of blogs and isn’t going to cost me anything, do let me know.

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Roberta said...

My blog is free but no one is likely to profile it as terribly enlightening. I guess you get what you pay for at least that's what they say.

As for 'Diet Day 1', sounds like you're doing fine but no matter how you frame it, dieting is not fun.