Monday, January 23, 2006

He's up, he's down, he's up again

It would appear that the state of my internet connection and my bodily health are inextricably linked.

The wireless modem has gone. Decided that the signal was too patchy for it to be worth £14 a month so rang the company to let them know that I wasn’t going to extend the contract beyond the 30 day trial. The man was very nice about it and agreed to cancel the contract after 29 days and send me a bag to return the modem.

The diet was plodding along ok too, weight coming off, bowels wide open (a much better name for that movie I you ask me) and mind ok.

The following day could not get a signal on the bleedin’ modem for love nor money. Try as I might just could not get the thing to connect.

This began to play on my mind and, mixed with the diet mental torture, made the it really hard for me to keep true to the rules of what I should eat.

Confirmed my order with the new ISP – £265 up front for a modem router and 24 months of 1 meg internet. Not bad, in my opinion, if you don’t mind entering into a 24 month contract, which in this case, I don’t.

Eventually rang the wireless people to see if they could fix the fault even though I only had a week of 30 day trial left. Turns out that the reason the modem wouldn’t connect was because the service was cancelled at the time of my original call and they couldn’t reinstate it. Broke new year’s resolution and didn’t post to blog. Bugger.

Diet finished. Yippee! Didn’t go mad but did have a couple of breezers with B to celebrate.

The new ISP email me to confirm order and that BT would need 10 days (10 DAYS FFS) to activate my phone line for internet. So now no wireless internet service and, for 10 days, no broadband either.

Throat started to dry up.

Plans to cancel contract with NTL (old cable TV and dial up provider) were put on hold. That’s another £45 to stump up. Nice. Phone lines were plugged back in and good old 56k is back again. Yawn.

Throat turned to sand paper. The sand paper began to burn. Took today off work. I bought antiseptic lozenges made from turps – they work on the basis that if they can burn a whole layer off your throat they’ll good and bad alike but at least they’ll work. I don’t see work happening tomorrow.

And just having done my head in by not eating all sorts of stuff – I’ve had nothing today save a bit of mash potato made from glass and razor blades. Yum.

But never mind. Tomorrow is another day.

I’m off to watch ‘Dune’ now – it came free in yesterday’s paper. Read the book when I was a kid – didn’t really get it. Saw the first half an hour once at the flicks then fell asleep so this I think should be the perfect anaesthetic after not having slept at all last night. I’ll let you know tomorrow what I think.

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