Saturday, January 28, 2006

Chasing Technology

Very late, very tired but just a quickie to say that technology caught up with me in a big way today – or was it me catching up with the technology, I’m not too sure.

Bought a brand new phone that now combines my PDA, MP3 player, digital camera and oh yeah, mobile phone all into one. Cool.

Spent bloody hours setting it up out tonight to sync with PC via bluetooth.

Broadband account came on line today.

Spent bloody hours setting up modem tonight.

Got new SIM card for old phone so that I can access all the features on my old phone to transfer all the data to my new phone.

Spent bloody ages trying to register it tonight.

Didn’t do any of what I should have but enjoyed myself nevertheless chasing technology.

Perfect Friday night in.

Oh and by the way, happy birthday Mozart. I hope they’ll talk about me in 250 years.

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Anonymous said...

HI Darren, talking about my website someone mentioned you had a blog so I thought I'd check it out. Very nice. I look forward to reading your next entry. =p